Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My First Power Suit

Today I was brought back to 5th grade again. In response to a writing prompt issued at, to recall my favorite childhood outfit, my mind quickly shot back to what I affectionately refer to as my very first power suit.

In the strictest sense, it wasn’t a suit, but it was an ensemble that made me feel like I could conquer the world. And in 5th grade, that means a LOT! I treasured it and wore it not nearly as often as I should have, feeling like I could wear the power out of it and it would cease to be so special. Allow me to describe said outfit:

The top was a lavender angora sweater. The sweater had buttercup sleeves that poofed just a little bit and made my shoulders look a tiny bit broader. The neckline boasted 3 pearl buttons which fastened by way of simple white elastic loops. I could open or close as many or as few as I desired on a given day. The sweater fit like I was born in it. My small, burgeoning breasts were perfect under the soft angora and I felt like Jane Russell in that sweater. It was the first time I noticed my own curves and I loved them. I looked like a Playmate of the Year with my perfect 32B’s displayed in that sweater.

The bottom was a pair of purple culottes, which were about 2 perfectly exact shades darker than the lavender sweater. They were corduroy and fitted just below my knees. They showcased  everything that was right about my body, which at the time was actually EVERYTHING. The outfit was rounded out by a pair of knee-hi lavender socks and a pair of ballet flats.

In that outfit I could have managed the Camp David Accords, I could have handled nuclear disarmament, I could have disarmed a charming 7th grade boy (and maybe I did). In short, I could do anything. There are days now when I wish for that lavender angora sweater. I would do just about anything to have its present day counterpart. But then again, I’m older and I don’t know if there is any article of clothing I could put on that would bring me back to the days when I knew everything, was afraid of nothing and had it all in front of me.

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