Monday, April 25, 2011

Faulty Design

It seems to me that there are serious flaws in the way that God (or who or whatever you think created mankind) designed women. Actually, it's the way that mothers, in particular, are designed. I suppose for the average woman who has no offspring, current design works fine. Women who have chosen to procreate, however, are missing some crucial design elements.
First problem is the fact that the hemispheres of our brains do not operate independently from one another. I translate this design flaw to my children as “2 ears, 1 brain.” Now, if each ear had a hemisphere of the brain devoted solely to receiving input from that ear, being a mom would be much easier. At least for women with 2 children or less. This of course is because husbands also don’t realize the design flaw and insist on being heard at times the ears are listening to someone else (usually on the phone).
The second major issue I find is with the appendages. Only having two hands is truly a disadvantage. There are times when we need to pour a drink, apply a band aid, core and slice an apple, hold a baby and make dinner simultaneously. How can this be done with only 2 arms and 2 hands? Although, having extra arms and hands can only take you so far. Even with the extra helping hands, our range of motion is limited by only having 1 body upon which to mount said appendages. Solution? Cloning.
Last serious design flaw? Eyes only in the front. It’s been said for years, but truly, we moms need eyes in the back of our heads. How else can we be expected to properly monitor the goings on in our homes? The fact that we don’t automatically sprout 2 eyes in the back of our heads the moment we go into labor is unfortunate. Parenting would be so much easier if we could have a 360 view of our world,  to watch the children, sure, but also to assess danger as it approaches. Clairvoyance would be nice, but I’m not going to be a pig about it.
Despite the fact that having any or all of the above mentioned accoutrements would make my life easier, I am forced to recognize the fact that mothers with far fewer resources than those at my disposal have managed to do the job, and do it well, without them. I guess I can too.

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