Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Um, yeah.

All day today I thought it was Wednesday. I mean ALL DAY. The delusion continued from daybreak straight through dinner. What is up with that? I want to blame the time change for tinkering with my internal clock, but I fear it’s more than that.

It’s been literally a tsunami of bad news since Friday morning. One awful thing after another has left me dazed and somehow my Game of Life spinner is stuck on Wednesday. I’m hoping tomorrow that I don’t think it’s Thursday because frankly, I don’t think I could take another day of confusion. These are the days when it’s really tough to be a mom. Kind of tough to be a wife too. On days like these, I’d prefer to be alone on a warm island with a hammock, a fruity drink spiked with rum (or vodka or gin or tequila or…you get the point) and a tropical breeze washing over me, cleansing me of my angst. I think I just drooled.

I’m watching the clock now as it ticks down the minutes until my kids go to bed, my house becomes still and quiet and maybe, just maybe, my brain gets the chance to reboot. I wish I knew where to look for my ctrl+alt+delete buttons. I’ll have to settle for herbal tea, some trashy reality TV and a decent night’s sleep.

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