Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Car Wreck

Not to be jumping on the “Look at what a freak Charlie Sheen has become” bandwagon, but really…I’ve spent as much time pointing and laughing as I have just wringing my hands. This man is a father to 5 children and he is literally coming apart at the seams.The scariest thing about all of it is that he has two very young children living in his house. No, not the “Goddesses”, I mean his twin boys!!

These are two babies whose parents are getting divorced, who have witnessed all manner of dysfunction, ranging from the drug/alcohol abuse of their father, verbal and physical abuse of their mother, and now this entirely new level of insanity their dad is running around peddling as recovery from addiction.There are snowballs in hell that stand a better chance at coming out unscathed than these kids do!

The world is watching.  This sideshow has become a pass time for a nation. Never mind the fact that the Middle East is melting down, HOLY COW…Charlie Sheen thinks he’s a warlock! It is clear to the average amateur psychologist that this man has snapped.  There is some wiring that has shorted out and his speech now sounds like aphasic ramblings we all listened to when Serene Branson had her moment after the Grammy’s. The question is: will anyone actually be able to help him? Is there a doctor in the house who specializes in Adonis DNA?

I say, let him self-destruct. He’s bent on killing himself, and maybe it would be like euthanizing a terminally ill pet to just let him go. My only hope is that Brooke Mueller will fight him tooth and nail for custody of those poor babies and he will have less opportunity to damage them and expose them to his issues.

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